Experience smart and bring your home to life

Convenience, security, comfort, energy efficiency and energy monitoring are all improved when you effortlessly control and automate your home, using as much or as little technology as you wish.

Affordable and scalable, a smart home puts you in charge. Use voice recognition via a central hub, or an app on your smart device, to control your smart appliances.

Turn your heating or cooling on before you arrive home, preheat your smart oven, or program your lights to suit your lifestyle.

The technology is here, and it is easy and affordable.

Experience Smart Security

Ensure your home is secure, and you and your loved ones are safe

Geofencing so automatic gates and garage door openers open and close when you’re in range of home

Control central security systems and access cameras remotely

Activate lighting or other devices when security alarms are triggered 

Experience Smart Comfort

Customize your home to make your life comfortable

Set scenes suited to your individual preferences such as:

Movie night: dim lights, close blinds, turn on the TV, and turn on heating

Bath scene: dim lights, turn on light music, fan on, underfloor heating on

Party scene: Feature lighting on, music on, turn off lights in the rest of the house

Experience privacy

Use blinds or smart frosted glass to ensure privacy when you need it. 

Set time schedules to lower blinds or frost glass when it gets late, even when your away on holiday. 

Turn on with a press of a button, on a smart device, or as part of an overall scene.

Experience Savings

Use smart dimmers and timers to control lights and devices on timers or from any device. 

Control seasonally changing energy consumers like irrigation systems, underfloor heating and other heating systems with schedules that automatically update for daylight savings.

Experience Smart Property Value

Selling your home can be daunting, add smart technology to your homes list of features to stand out from the crowd

Experience Smart

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