Charging into the future

Charging into the future

Safer, fast and reliable electric vehicle charging

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Electric Vehicle charging – What you need to know

Around 85% of EV drivers charge at home. Why? Because charging your EV at home is more convenient and cheaper than charging elsewhere, especially with smart EV charging solutions that allow you to stay in control. Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise in New Zealand and are becoming more common on our roads, thanks to their ability to help reduce carbon emissions. Whether you already have an EV, are planning to get one, or simply want to make your home future-ready, our EVlink Home charger is a must-have.

Weatherproof and robust, the EVlink Home can be installed outside or in your garage and lets you charge an electric vehicle faster, more reliably and with greater safety than with a domestic socket outlet.

Home Charging

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Easy EV charging at home

Choosing Schneider Electric’s EVlink Home charger guarantees easy electric vehicle charging for you and your family. Simple ‘plug & charge’ operation ensures your vehicle is available on your schedule and ready to go when you are.

Charging is delivered quickly, safely and cost effectively in the garage, carport or driveway. The EVlink Home is designed to be unobtrusive in your home with an elegant aesthetic, robust construction and clever charging cable storage to save space.

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Protection & load management

The integrated RDC-DD protection provides maximum safety and makes installation & integration into your home switchboard easy and affordable. 

For extra convenience, your electrician can install a simple power load management device (peak controller), ensuring uninterrupted power availability in your home.

Home charging key features

  • Application: Perfect for inside or outside your home

  • Convenience: “Plug and go” charging at any time

  • Time: Rapid charging when compared with a standard socket

  • Certified: Compliant with strict safety certifications

  • Simplicity: Connect your car and stop/start charging with “one-touch”

  • Extensive options: Available as 7.4kW or 11kW, with or without attached cable, to suit all electric vehicles

  • Budget-friendly: And easy to install

  • Safety: Comes with integrated RCD-DD protection and optional peak controller

Commercial Building Charging

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Solutions for buildings beyond the charger

EV chargers & load management systems

EVlink Pro AC chargers provide highly reliable, flexible, and sustainable smart charging with reinforced safety to maximise uptime, ensuring a seamless user experience for drivers and installers for semi-public parking facilities in commercial and industrial buildings, corporate EV fleets and apartment complexes. Easy and secure to install, operate, monitor, and maintain through digital capabilities and reinforced safety

Are you an electrician wanting to learn more?

Learn how to create an effective EV charging infrastructure via our free webinar training in the mySchneider Partner Portal.