What is the form number for adding an auxiliary alarm contact to the overload relay of a 8536 Type S starter?



Adding an auxiliary alarm contact on the overload relay of an NEMA starter

Product Line:
NEMA Contactors and Starters

NEMA Accessories

Alarm contact need for overload relay

For isolated normally open on melting alloy (standard) type use Form Y342. For isolated normally closed on melting alloy type use Form Y344.

For Bimetallic Forms (B, B1 & B2), non-isolated normally open alarm contact is provided as standard. Isolated or normaly closed is not available.

For isolated normally open on Solid State (Forms H30) type, change the ``0`` to ``1``. For example Form H30 becomes H31. This contact is field convertible to normally closed.

This applies to all 8536, 8538, 8539, 8606, 8630, 8640, 8736, 8738, 8739, 8810, 8940, 8941 devices.