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Are NEMA 1 enclosures available for the 8910 Type DP and DPA contactors?



Enclosure for 8910 contactors

Product Line:
Class 8910 Definite Purpose Contactors

North American Products

Looking for a NEMA 1 enclosure needed for definite purpose contactor

Yes, select from the table below.

Contactor      Enclosure
8910DP11      9991DPG1
8910DP21      9991DPG1
8910DP31      9991DPG1
8910DP41      9991DPG1
8910DP12      9991DPG1
8910DP22      9991DPG1
8910DP32      9991DPG1
8910DP42      9991DPG1
8910DPA12    9991DPG1
8910DPA13    9991DPG1
8910DPA14    9991DPG2
8910DPA22    9991DPG1
8910DPA23    9991DPG1
8910DPA24    9991DPG2
8910DPA32    9991DPG1
8910DPA33    9991DPG1
8910DPA34    9991DPG2
8910DPA42    9991DPG1
8910DPA43    9991DPG1
8910DPA44    9991DPG2
8910DPA52    9991DPG2
8910DPA53    9991DPG2
8910DPA62    9991DPG3
8910DPA63    9991DPG3
8910DPA72    9991DPG3
8910DPA73    9991DPG3
8910DPA92    9991DPG4
8910DPA93    9991DPG4
8910DPA122  9991DPG4
8910DPA123  9991DPG4
8910SYD138  9991DPG5
8910SYD230  9991DPG6