Does it matter where the pull up / pull down resistors are located within the ATV31 multiple drive network?



Issue:  Pull up / pull down resistors location within the ATV31 multiple drive network
Product Line:   ATV31
Environment:  All
Cause:   Terminating resistor
Resolution:   Not really.
The ATV31 does not have internal pull up / down resistors for the rs-485 communications. Therefore, if it is used on a network with PLC that also does not have pull up-down resisitors for the RS485 resistors must be added at one of the devices.
At one drive add:
10k resistor between +10 (RJ45 pin 7) and D_B (Communication +, RJ45 pin 4)
10k resistor between D_B and COM (RJ45 pin 8)
4.7k resistor between COM and D_A (RJ57 pin 5)