Which are the compatible printers that can be configured with Magelis XBT GT terminals.



The list of compatible printers with Magelis XBT GT terminals are as follows:

Target Connection with - USB, LPR, IPP
a) HP PCL3 (HP PhotoSmart, HP DeskJet series printers)
b) HP PCL5 (HP LaserJet series printers)

Target Connection with - COM1, USB-PIO, LPR, IPP
a) Epson ESC/P command compatible
b) Text (ASCII) supported printer
Note that XBT GT terminal does not support all Epson and HP printers. Rather it supports only those printers that support PCL3 and PCL5 printer protocols.


1. XBTGT 2110, 2120, and 2220 only support USB and USB-PIO for HP PCL3 and HP PCL5.
2. On XBTGT targets, it is not possible to use COM1 port for both the script driver and the target printer. If you do have both set to COM1, both will fail to print in runtime.
3. Use commercially available printer cables.