How can I check the calibration of my Full Function Test Kit S33595?



Product Line:
Circuit Breaker

Electrical Distribution Equipment

The calibration of the test set is checked each time it is used. The S33595 micro-processor is designed with a power-up ``self check`` sequence. Each time the unit is powered up, it does a self diagnostic. This checks the health of all electronics, as well as positions of relays and switches inside the test kit. The self diagnostic also checks communications to the screen etc. and the voltage level supplying the test kit. The test kit will not proceed to the test screens until all of these are verified.

The test kit also looks at calibration before each secondary injection test and if the micro-processor determines that it cannot reliably inject the correct signal, an error message will appear on the screen ``Test kit calibration error, Test aborted.``  When this occurs the test kit must be returned to the factory for repair.  Return through your local Schneider Electric (Square D) distributor.

For more details see instruction bulletin for the FFTK, bulletin 48049-183-xx.