Do we offer protective boots for the the XB4 and XB5 operators?



Protective cover for the Harmony 22mm pushbuttons

Product Line:
Push Buttons and Operator Interface

Harmony, ZB4, ZB5 22mm Push Buttons

The following is a list of accessory boots for the 22mm operators.

ZBPA - for flush push buttons with circular head
ZBP0 - for extended push buttons with circular head
ZBP0A - for flush push buttons with circular head used in food industry applications
ZBA708 - for Double-headed push buttons, two flush
ZBA710 - for Double-headed push buttons, one flush + one projecting
ZBA709 - for Triple-headed push buttons, two flush + one projecting
ZBDD2 - for standard handle selector switches (ZB4/XB4BD**)