How can a Powerpact P or R frame breaker with a 3.0 trip unit be modified to have ground-fault indication.



Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Electrical Distribution Equipment

Replace the trip unit with a 5.0P trip unit (S163A) and use a M2C (S64273) or M6C (S64204) programmable contact module. When replacing a standard trip unit (not A, P or H), the 12-pin connector for the trip unit (kit S33101 for Masterpact, S33100 for Powerpact) must also be ordered.

Set alarm up via trip unit Amperage Protection menu (trip curve button). Then set up S1 or S2 contact on 2PCM programmable contact module in MAINTENANCE menu (wrench button). Need neutral CT if it is a 4 wire system.

See instruction bulletins.
Powerpact P, R, and Masterpact NW, NT Micrologic™ 5.0P and 6.0P Trip Units, see 48049-137-05
M2C Programmable Contact Module Kits, see 48049-227-02
M6C Programmable Contact Module Kits, see 48049-337-02