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ATV31 drive is set up to run with 2 preset speeds and will only run at 10Hz regardless of the programmed value for SP2 (ex. SP2=60Hz).



ATV31 is using 2 preset speeds and it is only running at 10Hz instead than the programmed value for SP2.
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Preset speeds
Verify that the logic input used for PS2 is not set to perform another function. For example, when ATV31 drive is configured for 3-wire control, LI4 will be set for JOG. The jog function will have priority.  If jog function is not required, JOG in the FUn menu needs to be set to nO.
The functions of each logic input can be verified in the SUP menu. Go to sub-menu LIA. Scroll to the desired input (LI1A, LI2A. . . ) Enter to see to what the function of the input is assigned. Scroll up and down to see if there are additional functions assigned.