An SE circuit breaker will not close. What is wrong?



An SE circuit breaker will not close.  What is wrong?

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Reasons why an SE may fail to close include:
  • de-energized UVR device
  • energized shunt trip device
  • cell-door interlock (SEF only)
  • crank shutter door open (SED only): door must be closed
  • failure to fully charge (If the breaker is charged manually, it must be charged for 23 full strokes. If the last stroke is not completed, pressing the close button will cause mechanism movement, but not blade closure. If this happens, you will hear a sound, but the contacts remain open. To correct, complete the charging by moving the handle another full stroke and reclose.
If these steps do not restore functionality to the breaker, it will need to be replaced. Contact Schneider Services for suitable replacement