What is needed to upgrade a Micrologic 3.0 or 5.0 trip units?



What is needed to upgrade a Micrologic 3.0 or 5.0 to an ammeter, power or harmonic trip unit?

Product Line:
Circuit breakers 

Micrologic, Powerpact P & R, Masterpact NT & NW

Need greater trip functions then exist Micrologic trip units provide.

The existing trip unit must be replaced.
Model Protection Cat. #
3.0A (UL/ANSI only)  LI S141A 
5.0A LSI S143A 
6.0A LSIG S144A 
5.0P LSI S163A
6.0P LSIG S164A
5.0H LSI S173A
6.0H LSIG S174A

For A, P, and H trip units, the 12-pin connector for the trip unit (kit S33101 for Masterpact, S33100 for Powerpact) must also be ordered.

Also a breaker communication module (BCM) may be neccessary.
Unit Mount or I-line PowerPact P or R frame: S64205
Motor Operated PowerPact P frame: S64207
Drawout PowerPact P frame: S64206

For NW:  Fixed mount: S47405; Draw-out: S48384.
For NT:  Fixed mount: S48188; Draw-out: S47485.

If External Voltage Sensing is required.
P frame unit mount / I-LINE: S64203
R frame unit mount / I-LINE: S64208
P frame drawout: S64209
P frame motor operated / rotary handle: S64210
Fixed NT and NW: S47506
Drawout NT: S47507
Drawout NW: S48533