Are DC coils available for the 8903 type L contactors?



DC coils for 8903 type L Lighting contactors 

Product Line:
Lighting Contactors

Multipole Lighting Contactors, Type L and LX

Form Y48 was used to substitute a DC coil for the AC coil.  This modification was obsoleted in July 2019.  A DC coil cannot be field modified from AC coil version. This was only available for use on electrically held devices (open or enclosed). 

24VDC Voltage code V53  (Coil Number 31071-412-23)
Coil resistance = 3 ohms
Inrush = 8A
Sealed = .727A

32VDC Voltage code V54  (Coil Number 31071-412-26)
Coil resistance = 4 ohms
Inrush = 8A
Sealed = .593A

48VDC Voltage code V56  (Coil Number 31071-412-32, is OBSOLETE with no replacement/alternative)
Coil resistance = 8 ohms
Inrush = 6A
Sealed = .361A

115/125VDC Voltage code V62  (Coil Number 31071-412-44)
Coil resistance = 51 ohms
Inrush = 2.26A
Sealed = .144A

230/250VDC Voltage code V66  (Coil PN 31071-412-53)
Coil resistance = 213 ohms
Inrush = 1.1A
Sealed = .072A