Do we offer a Class 1 Division 2 24 volt illuminated pushbutton?



Do we offer a Class 1 Division 2 24 volt illuminated pushbutton?

Product Line:
30mm Push Buttons

9001K/SK/KX 30MM Push Button

Clarification is needed before push buttons are selected for application. 
No, The 900KP44 and a 9001 type K pushbutton with hermetically sealed contacts can be used together with an intrinsically safe barriier relay, but not as one device.
Class 1 Division 2 Group A
Use a 9001 K, SK, KX control stations with the restrictions listed
Any Class 9001 Type K, SK or KX operator can be used in an area classified as Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.
1. Only logic (KA40 series) or power (KA50 series) reed contact blocks are used.
>>2. All Type K and SK illuminated operators are UL approved for use in Class I Division 2 areas.
3. Type KX illuminated operators do not use 4 lamp light modules, or 2 lamp light modules other than the transformer type. u
4. The operators are mounted in Type KY, KYSS, KYAF, SKY enclosures.

Use Intrinsically Safe System 1
An intrinsically safe system requires an intrinsically safe barrier to restrict the energy available in the area classified as a hazardous area to a level less than that required to cause an explosion. In an intrinsically safe system, any non-illuminated Class 9001 operator or control station with standard contacts can be used.
Class 1 Division 2 Group B,C,D
Use 9001 BR station + restrictions listed for Class 1 Division 2 Group A