Does SquareD/Schneider Electric offer a Transformer that meets or exceeds DOE CSL-3 requirements?.



Requirements may call for a Transformer of a higher than standard efficiency level

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to Ventilated Transformers by SquareD/Schneider Electric

CSL-3 was a Proposed Ruling of Efficiencies which is sometimes used as a specification

Candidate Standard Level 3 (CSL-3) was an older (2007 timeframe)  proposed Efficiency standard that some non SquareD/Schneider Electric Transformer manufacturers used in the past as a marketing tool for their Energy Efficient Transformers.  SquareD/Schneider Electric had never used the CSL-3 standard as a description or specification.  The entire industry has adopted an equivalent (or better) product than the "proposed" but never formally adopted CSL-3 “standard”.   See attached bulletin for further information.  The current EX series Transformers from SquareD/Schneider Electric conform to the current Department of Energy (DOE) 2016 Efficiency Standards for Low Voltage Ventilated Transformers.  CSL-3 was not before, and is not now, a relevant factor.