Does the Altistart ATS46, ATS48 or ATS22 soft starters have a catch on the fly option?


22 August 2023

Catch on the fly option in the ATS46, ATS48 or ATS22 Soft Starters.

Product Line:
Altistart ATS46, ATS48 or ATS22 soft starters


Needs to know if you can restart a spinning motor after a power loss?

No, the soft start doesn't`t have catch on the fly.
However, if the motor is already spinning, then there should not be a problem starting it under most circumstances. The initial starting torque is low and allows for motor slip. Often, it will appear that the motor is ``catching on the fly`` because the torque and speed of the motor will increase as the soft starter accelerates.
If the spinning load is reverse of motor direction has high inertia, the motor may overload before the soft starter is able to accelerate it. This would be much the same as if started by means of a full voltage starter.