How are the dip switches on the XVBC9B and XVBC9M arranged to adjust the mode and loudness of the tone given off by these audible sounders?


03 August 2022

How to adjust the tone of the XVBC9B and XVBC9M sounder units?

Product Line:
XVB audible Sounder Units

Tower Lights and Beacons

Needs to clarify how to set the loudness and tone.            

There are 4 dip switches D0, D1, D2 & D3. D0 and D1 control the mode. D2 and D3 control loudness. When D0 and D1 are up you get a steady tone. When D0 is down and D1 is up you get a 5 hz intermittent tone. When D0 and D1 are down you get a 1 hz intermittent tone. When D2 and D3 are up you get 90dB. When D2 is down and D3 is up you get 85 dB. When D2 is up and D3 is down you get 80dB. When D2 and D3 are down you get 70dB.