Masterpact NW40H3 ANSI Fixed 3 pole breaker fails FFTK (Full function test kit S33595). It reads half the current on the trip unit. Also applies to H1, H2 and H3 interrupt codes.


28 September 2021

FFTK not showing accurate data.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NW 3-pole breakers

FFTK set not showing correct readings.

In order to test the new ANSI NW40 3 pole breaker. Set the type to NW40b in the FFTK test set, ANSI standard, and you also need the FFTK version 1.10 or higher. See link below to down load the 1.20 firmware.

Notes: Sometimes you will run across a situation where the Breaker type in the test set will not let you change it to NW40b. The cause of this is an incorrect set up in the trip unit, where they may have set the trip unit as NW40. Since there is no NW40b in the trip unit yet, you have to go into Micrologic setup and set the parameters to ``undefined``, then it will let you select NW40b in the FFTK.

Cheats: If you are in a pinch with firmware 1.00. Set the FFTK to NW40 and IEC standard, it will pass the trip unit. The reason why this works is because the IEC 4000 amp breaker is also a 3 pole breaker.