Why is my ATS22 display showing OHF (Over Heating Fault), but the starter has not been running for several hours, and the ambient condition is very cold?


08 March 2022

ATS22 OHF (Over Heating Fault) 

Product Line:
Altistart 22


OHF fault even though the ambient temperature is cold

OHF is an indication that the starter is outside of its operating temperature, high or low. The low end operating temperature for the ATS22 is 14 degrees F.  Below this temperature, the starter will fault and show OHF. 

Warm the starter until it is above 14 degrees F and the display should change to normal status, rdY or nrdY.   If this happens often, consider some type of heater that can turn on when the temperature falls below freezing to keep the starter within its usable temperature range.