What causes an Err 7 fault code in an ATV31 drive?


15 June 2022

Err 7 fault code in ATV31 drive

Product Line:
ATV31, All models, All serial numbers


Possible cause of Err7 on the ATV31 remote display:
1).  Baud rate not equal to 19.2 kb/sec   - Set to 19.2  in the COn Menu parameter tbr
2).  Format is not equal to 8bits even parity 1 stop bit (8E1) - Set to 8E1  in the COn Menu parameter tFO
3).  Defective cabling or connection between the VFD and keypad - change the cabling
4).  Defective keypad - replace the keypad
5).  Shorted pins on the comport of the VFD - If no physical short on the pins in the comport then the issue is internal to VFD, replace VFD