Video: Programming ATV312 for Start-Stop & Speed Dial Control via VW3A1101 Remote Keypad


15 July 2022

ATV312 RUN and STOP buttons and speed adjustment via HMI.

Product Line:
Altivar 312

ATV312 V5.1 IE54 minimum
VW3A1101 CPU V1.2 IE09 minimum


The drive will be put into Local Configuration.  The primary function of the dial will be as a speed adjustment.
Note: Once the drive is put into Local Mode, it cannot be put back into Terminal (Remote) Mode without a factory reset. 

The following steps are used on the drive integral red LED display/keypad.

With the motor stopped and rdY displayed,  press and hold MODE until LOC is displayed. Release mode button and 3 LEDs on the left side of the display are flashing in sequence. Release the MODE button. 
Press and hold ESC until these 3 LEDs flash on and off at the same time. Release the ESC button. 
Press ENTER(push the dial in and release).  Turn the dial until CtL is displayed, then press ENTER.
At LAC, press ENTER, turn dial to L3, press and hold ENTER until L3 blinks, then release ENTER.
Press ESC to LAC, turn dial to CHCF.  Press ENTER, turn dial to SEP and press ENTER.
Press ESC to CHCF, turn dial to Cd1, press ENTER, turn dial to LCC and press ENTER.
Press ESC several times until back at rdY display. 
Press and hold ESC until 3 LEDs on the left side of the display flash in sequence from top to bottom. DO NOT press MODE again as this can erase the programming just entered.
The control section of your drive is now configured for full control of start/stop and speed reference from the remote keypad, VW3A1101.