What address (memory word) can be used to read the encoder count in an ATV71 drive?


28 September 2021


Need to read the encoder count over a serial communication network from an ATV71 drive.

Product Line:

 ATV71 with optional encoder card installed


  All ATV71 models, all serial numbers that have an optional encoder card installed


 How do you read the encoder pulse count through a network?


Code: PUC Logic address: 5611, Can Index:201A/C, INTERBUS index:5FB9/41, DeviceNet path:7D/01/0C
Type: Unit R/W: Read only Unit: value 1 per count  

PUC (logic address 5611) is initialized to the value 0 when the drive is powered on. Every ms this parameter increases or decreases according to the direction of rotation (forward or reverse).
It is a 16 bits register and is not signed, that is to say when 65535 is reached, it goes back to 0.

It is not possible to write this parameter.
There is no detection of overflow