Video: How to set up and test ground fault alarm in Micrologic P and H trip units for PowerPact P and R and Masterpact NT and NW breakers


28 September 2021

Configuring & Testing Ground Fault Alarm on Micrologic P & H Trip Units

Product Line:
P and H trip units for PowerPact P, R and Masterpact NT, NW
FFTK (S33595)
M2CTEST adapter

Mainly intended for 5.0P and 5.0H trip units, no Ground Fault trip function, Ground Fault alarm only.
However, this procedure will also work for 6.0P and 6.0H trip units that also have Ground Fault trip feature.
Programmable contacts (M2C or M6C) must also be installed.
No other trip unit types are included in this article.

The trip unit instruction by itself may not be clear on the exact sequence to program ground fault alarm.
Also a procedure is needed to test ground fault alarm without doing primary injection.

Setting up the ground fault alarm on a Micrologic 5.0P or 5.0H trip unit is a 3 step process. First, you turn on the ground fault alarm and set the pickup/drop out levels. Then you assign the ground fault alarm to an M2C or M6C contact. Finally you set up the alarm mode to a non-latching contact. For more deatiled instructions, reference Micrologic 5.0P instruction bulletin 48049-137-05 or see the video below.

Ground Fault Alarm test without using primary injection, using the full function test kit S33595 and the M2CTEST special tool adapter for the full function test kit:
Use the attached EAV34309 instructions for this testing procedure, general information, precautions, and proper connection.