Video: How do I set a PowerPact or Masterpact circuit breaker with a Micrologic trip unit to a different specified amperage?


28 September 2021

What Long Time settings will adjust PowerPact P or R or Masterpact circuit breakers with Micrologic trip units to a different Amp rating?

Product Line:
PowerPact P, PowerPact R, Masterpact NW, Masterpact NT

The attached table gives you the ampere rating of a circuit breaker with the indicated sensor plug and Long Time (rating plug) setting.
Note that many amp settings can be attained with more than one rating plug and sensor combination.

Sensor plugs can be changed to a lower amperage in some cases; they cannot be increased from the original size, but they can be reduced as much as 50%.
It is not possible to put a 100A or 250A sensor in a 400A or larger breaker.  400A and larger breakers cannot accept 100A or 250A sensors.
See circuit breaker section of the digest for a chart showing possible sensor plugs for breakers 3200A and under.
Sensor Plug Replacement Guide attached includes references for amperages above 3200A.