How do I set up basic programming on an ATV61/71 drive?


28 September 2021

Basic programming on ATV61/71 drive.

Product Line:
Altivar 61, Altivar 71


Basic programming to operate an ATV61 or ATV71 drive


Menu 1.1 Simply start
tCC= 2/3 wire control (set to 2 wire control for most installations)
bFr= Standard motor frequency - typically 60hz
nPr= Rated motor power= HP size of the motor
UnS= Rated motor voltage =  motor voltage
nCr= Rated motor current= motor amps (FLA)
FrS= Rated motor Frequency= typically 60hz
NSP= Rated motor speed= motor speed in rpm
fFr= Max Frequency (Hz)
ItH= Motor Thermal Current= Amps (provides overload protection to the motor)
ACC= Ramp up time acceleration (seconds)
DEC= Ramp down time deceleration (seconds)
LSP= Low speed setting (Hz)
HSP=High speed setting (Hz)

Menu 1.3 Settings Menu.
CLi= Motor current limit (Typically set to 120% (ATV61) or 150% (ATV71) of the motor nameplate full load amps, FLA.)

Menu 1.6 Command Menu
Ref.1 channel= AI1 for 0-10VDC control (possibly from a potentiometer)
                      = AI2 for analog input 4-20mA control
                      = HMI for Graphic display terminal (keypad)
                      = (See the ATV61 programming manual for other options)
Profile= Not separate- Reference and command, not separate
          = Separate- Separate reference and command
          = I/O Profile
Ref. 2 switching= [ch1 active] (Fr1): No switching, [Ref.1 channel] (Fr1) active
                         = [ch2 active] (Fr2): No switching, [Ref.2 channel] (Fr2) active
                         = [LI1] (LI1)
                         = (See the ATV61 programming manual for other options)

ATV61 Quick Start manual is available for download here  
ATV61 Programming Manual is availalbe for download here 

ATV71 Quick Start Guide is available for download here
ATV71 Programming Manual is available for download here