Where can I find basic programming for the ATV71?


20 February 2022

Basic programming for the ATV71.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV71


Programming set up

Menu 1.1 Simply start
tCC= 2/3 wire control
CFG= Macro config
bFr= Standard motor frequency 60hz
nPr= Rated motor power= HP size of the motor
UnS= Rated motor voltage =  motor voltage
nCr= Rated motor current= motor amps
FrS= Rated motor Frequency= 60hz
NSP= Rated motor speed= motor rpms
fFr= Max Frequency= Hz
ItH= Motor Thermal Current= Amps
ACC= Ramp up time acceleration
DEC= Ramp down time deceleration
LSP= Low speed setting
HSP=High speed setting

Menu 1.4 Motor Control
CLI= Current Limit = maximum current the motor is allowed to pull
         Suggested settings:
               1.2 x FLA for variable torque applications
               1.5 x FLA for constant torque applications

Menu 1.6 Command Menu
Fr1= AI1 for remote pot control
      = AI2 for analog input 4-20mA control
      = (See the ATV71 programming manual for other options)
CHCF= Not separate
rFC= Channel 1 active