What can prevent an OP2 fault code on an ATV212 drive?


13 June 2022

OP2 fault code on an ATV212 drive.

Product Line:
ATV21, ATV212

All models and serial numbers

The OP2 fault is caused by overvoltage during deceleration

1.  Increase the deceleration time (increase dEC).
2.  Disable Auto Ramp Adaptation (Set AU1 to 0). Auto ramp adaptation can cause fluctuation on the line supply to the drive.
3.  Measure drive DC bus (PA/+ to PC/-) with a meter.  
4.  Check for load issue that can cause back feeding issue to DC bus such as stopping a load very quickly.
Stopping one fan while another fan is pulling on it (such as in a wind tunnel) can cause back feeding into the DC bus.

Note: A dynamic braking resistor cannot be added to the ATV212 drive.