Video: How to find dimensions, drawings or instruction bulletins for many Schneider Electric merchandise products


28 September 2021

Finding dimensions and drawings for Schneider Electric products

Product Line:
Schneider Electric merchandise products

When dimensions or a drawing is required for a Schneider Electric merchandise product, assistance is available using online tools. Some are available in pdf format, others in 2D, and some in 3D.

(1) Our online Digest includes dimension information for many merchandise products. Click this link, and proceed to the appropriate section.

(2) Drawings in greater detail are available in our online Download Center. Click this link, select "2D CAD Drawings", and search using the various methods shown (for help using the Download Center, see video below).

(3) Many products have 3D drawings available, click the following link, and search based on the product.

(4) For the following circuit breakers, PDF drawings can be found by clicking on one of the following links, and choosing the applicable drawing on the list.
Powerpact H, J, M, P, R (not Powerpact L)  Powerpact Drawings
Masterpact NT and NW  Masterpact NT and NW Drawings 

(5) For assistance with drawings that are not in our online Download Center (such as drawings for ETO equipment), contact our Customer Care Center toll-free at 888-778-2733.

All the above tools can be found by visiting our US Home Page.