How can you get a quote for a replacement Masterpact NW or NT circuit breaker?


28 September 2021

Quote for a Masterpact NW or NT Air Circuit Breaker

Product Line:
Air Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NW/NT Circuit Breakers

Masterpact catalog numbers are not profiled in Q2C

Masterpact circuit breaker catalog numbers are not profiled and can be quoted and/or ordered only by means of the online product selector in Q2C or SE Advantage.
If you have the catalog number, contact technical support at 888-778-2733 for assistance decoding it.  If you have only the serial number, it can be referenced to the catalog number which then must be decoded to determine breaker construction. 
If you don't have either catalog number or serial number, you will need a complete description of the breaker so the proper options in the product selector can be chosen.  The required information is noted on the attached Request for Quote form.