What is the part number for a potentiometer to control Schneider Electric Altivar variable speed drives (VSDs) ?


30 September 2021

The recommended specification for potentiometers compatible across our range of drives ATV12, ATV212, ATV320, ATV340, ATV630 and ATV930 ( and the legacy ranges ATV15, ATV452, ATV16, ATV66, ATV18, ATV28, ATV58, ATV11, ATV31, ATV312, ATV21, ATV61 and ATV71) is 2.2k Ohms. It is possible to use a value between 2.2k Ohms to 10k Ohms in certain instances.

Schneider Electric can supply two potentiometers of the optimum value of 2.2k Ohms;

  • SZ1RV1202



2.2k Ohms - 3 Watts - IP65 - 9.5 mm cut-out
For use in dry environments on a wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure.

See dimensions and mounting below.



Harmony style potentiometer mounting adapters

Schneider Electric offers IP66 potentiometer mounting adapters that compliment the Harmony diameter 22mm offer.
Two versions are available for potentiometers with shaft length 45 to 50 mm long and either 6mm or 6.35mm diameter shaft.

Part numbers;

ZB4BD912 (metal version) 6 mm diameter
ZB5AD912 (plastic version) 6 mm diameter

ZB4BD922 (metal version)  6.35 mm diameter
ZB5AD922 (plastic version)  6.35 mm diameter

Potentiometers to fit these adapters are not sold by Schneider Electric, they can easily be sourced at specialist distributors.

Alterntively the new Harmony 5 complete potentiometers can be used
1kΩ XB5AD912R1K
4.7kΩ XB5AD912R4K7
10kΩ XB5AD912R10K