What is the pin-out of the RJ45 socket of an ATV31 / 312 / 320 for connection of Modbus, CanOpen and PowerSuite cables


30 September 2021

     The RJ45 socket of the ATV31/312/320 can be used for connection to the following networks and accessories:

     a PLC via a Modbus bus or via a CANopen network
     a PC/laptop loaded with SoMove software
     The VW3A31101 remote display terminal on the ATV31 drive , and the VW3A1006 or VW3A1007 remote display options for the ATV312 and 320 drives.

     The Pin out of the RJ45 socket on these drives are as folllows

     Pin no.                               Designation                        Comments          

        1                                       CAN high                           CAN-H - Signal for CANopen communication 
        2                                       CAN low                             CAN-L - Signal for CANopen communication 
        3                                       CAN GND                          CAN-GND - Signal for CANopen communication 
        4                                           D_B                               Signal for MODBUS communication 
        5                                           D_A                                Signal for MODBUS communication 
        6                                            NC                                 Not used 
        7                                          10 Volts                           0-10 V voltage supplied by the ATV31/312 which can be used to supply the 

        8                                           0 Volts                            converter when connected using PowerSuite software


    Important clarification

   For Modbus communication, the signals used for the ATV31 /312 / 320 are D-B and D-A only -  the other connections are not used.

   For CANopen communication, the signals used for the ATV31 / 312 / 320 are CAN-H, CAN-L and CAN-GND -  the other connections are not used.

   With the VW3A31101/ VW3A1006/7remote display terminal, the signals used are D-B and D-A as well as the power supply.

  Caution: Lengths of cables need to be observed as too greater voltage drop in network connections may cause a malfunction.