Can I connect my VW3A1101 keypad directly to my PC to download / upload drive configuration files?


12 July 2022

Download/upload drive configuration files by connecting my VW3A1101 keypad directly to my PC.

Product Line:
VW3A1101 graphic HMI.

All firmware revisions, all serial numbers

Customer transferred files from several drives onto one keypad and now needs to copy them to their PC.

No, it is not possible to transfer files from the VW3A1101 keypad directly to a PC.  The keypad is used to store a backup copy of the program for transfer back into the same drive.  In order to copy the program from the drive in a format that can be easily transferred to a PC, either connect your PC directly to the drives Modbus RTU port via the RS232 to RS485 converter cable (TCSMCNAM3M002P) and use SoMove software to download the parameter, or use a multiloader hand held device.