What is a good way to simulate a fault on an Altivar drive to test fault detection circuitry?


21 October 2021

Altivar fault simulation to test fault detection circuitry.

Product Line:
Altivar drives

All models, all serial numbers.

Customer needs to test the fault detection circuitry of the drive to verify their redundant system is working and will automatically switch to the backup drive if the primary fails.

The best way to simulate a fault on the drive without the potential of damaging equipment would be to power down the drive and disconnect the motor from all three output terminals of the drive.  Verify that Output Phase Loss is deactivated on the drive (can be found in various locations depending on the drive part number, refer to the programming manual for the drive for clarification) Then issue a run command to the drive with the motor disconnected.  The drive will detect an Output Phase Loss and will fault (OPF, OPF2, EPHO or other fault code will be displayed, depending on the model number of the drive)

Alternatively, you can assign an External Fault to one of the logic inputs and trigger than input with momentary contact closure.