How do I remove the power terminal cover on a ATV61H (075M3 and ATV61H 075 to D18N4 and ATV61H U22S6X to U75S6X)?


18 January 2022

Removing the power terminal cover on a ATV61H.

Product Line:

H075M3 and ATV61H 075 to D18N4 and ATV61H U22S6X to U75S6X


The control terminal board must be first removed by unscrewing its silver locking screw on the top right corner.  This screw is spring loaded and will unlock with a few rotations. 
The screw will remain in its plastic housing in the unlocked position. 
Next, slide the control terminal board down by putting pressure on the top of the RJ45 connector.  Lay the board aside. 
The cover is held in place by a tab on each side. 
The plastic cover can now be removed by bending the plastic sides far enough away from the drive to allow the tabs to clear their mounting holes. 
Pull forward on the cover to remove it from the drive.