How do you calculate the size of the enclosure required for the ATS48’s to dissipate the heat generated


30 September 2021

  To calculate the size of the enclosure required for an ATS48 soft start you would use the follow equations
           To calculate the figure P use the power dissipated figures from the below tables and add it to the power
       dissipated figures of all the other equipment to be housed in the enclosure          
        For Standard Applications                                For Severe Applications
         You then insert the number calculated for Rth into the calculation below; the Effective exchange 
     surfaces are those that do not make contact with any other object i.e. floor or wall

          It is always advisable to fit a bypass contactor with the ATS48 Soft Starter to     
                                      reduce the heat generated


              The last two items show the recommended spacing’s around the soft starters and the flow rate of the
        fans if fitted into the cabinet