How to configure ATS22 to test an unloaded motor?


06 April 2022

Can an unloaded motor be tested with an ATS22 Softstarter?

Product Line:
Altistart 22

Shop tests, unloaded motor

Testing the ATS with an unloaded motor, usually trips the ATS22 with SSCr.

After entering the correct motor data, set the following parameters:

- LAC = ON
 - t90 =  Factory 30 change to 10. ( Due to No Load connected and monitor ramp acceleration. This value to be changed back or increased when in the field under actual start-up )
- ILt =    Factor 350 change to 200% for Shop Testing. ( Value to be changed in the field if Current Limit trips out )
- tLS =   Factory 15s change to 60s for Shop Testing. ( Changed back to 15s after completion of testing )
- ACC = Factory 10s change to 60s for Shop Testing. ( Changed back to 10s after completion of testing )
- SSC = Factory On, changed to oFF. ( Using Voltage control vs. Torque )
- ItH =   On. ( Factory is On)