How many reference channels are available on the ATV61 / ATV71 drives?


28 July 2022

Reference channels available on the ATV61 / ATV71 drives

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Multiple speed references needed

For reference switching functions, there are 3 reference channels and 2 reference switches available. 
The Command menu has Reference 1 channel, Reference 2 switching and Reference 2 channel.
The Application Function menu / Reference Switching sub-menu has Reference 1B switching and Reference 1B channel.

Other references to consider:
Under The Communication in drive menu, Forced Local sub-menu has Forced Local Assignment and Forced Local Reference. This acts as another reference switch and reference channel, but will override most other control features of the VFD.  The Command channel will also be forced to one similar to the Reference channel.
The Command menu has Fn key assignments that can be set to T/K (Terminal / Keypad Control).  The Application Functions Menu / Parameter Set Switching allows you to assign a logic input to up to 2 more sets of selected parameters that override the other references.