How is a fault code cleared or reset, on ATS22?


28 July 2022

Needs to clear a fault code, on the ATS22 soft start.

Product Line:
Altistart 22

All models

The fault code must be cleared to make ATS22 functional.

After the condition that created the fault has been corrected, a fault reset can be accomplished several ways:

1) Remove control power from CL1-CL2. After the display has gone blank, apply control power.
2) On the integral or remote keypad, press the 3-key combination of ENT / UP arrow / DOWN arrow, simultaneously.
3) Wire a reset contact to logic input LI2 or LI3 and program it to rSt (remote reset). A momentary contact closure will reset.
4) Use Modbus command word 752 and write a 1 to bit 3

Note that several fault codes require method 1) above.  These are InF, trAP, SCF.