Video: How can the motor current or motor voltage be monitored on the S-Flex or ATV212 drives?


06 April 2022

S-Flex or ATV212 motor current and voltage monitoring.

Product Line:
S-Flex and Altivar 212


Needs to monitor the motor current and motor voltage on the face of the drive or the remote HMI.

The following options depend on whether the integral keypad or a remote keypad is used to navigate.

1) Using the integral keypad on the ATV212, press the MODE button several times until the display is Fr-F (or Fr-r).  Then use the UP arrow button to a Cxxx for motor current or Pxxx for motor voltage.  The xxx represents the measured value.

2) Using the remote keypad, press the ESC button several times until the Direction is displayed, Fr-F : Forward (or Fr-r : Reverse).  Then rotate the keypad dial until Motor Current or Motor Voltage is displayed.

The following video demonstrates how to access the Monitoring Menu on the ATV212: