Why am I unable to change Encoder parameters in my ATV71 drive via SoMove?


30 October 2022

ATV71 drive with encoder card.  When the drive is in I/O profile, SoMove will occasionally not allow parameters related to the encoder to be changed.

Product Line:
Altivar 71 series drives with encoder cards installed.

ATV71 drives in I/O profile with encoder cards installed, SoMove V2.0

This is an issue with SoMove software that had not previously been reported.

A permanent fix is being worked on to be released in a later update to SoMove.  A temporary work around is to place the drive into Separate Profile, then back into I/O Profile.  This should allow encoder parameter to be changed via SoMove.  Note that the parameters can still be changed via the keypad normally.  This problem only occurs when using SoMove software to program the drive and is a problem with the SoMove software itself, not with the drive.