What will cause EPF2 fault on ATV32 or ATV320 when communicating over Ethernet?


31 October 2022

EPF2 fault on ATV32 or ATV320 when using Ethernet.

Product Line:


FDR detected fault
IP address duplication detected fault

First check the FDR on the Ethernet IP card is deactivated. In case the FDR is activated, that will explain the "EPF2" fault. The reason is that the Drive is waiting for a configuration from PLC, but PLC doesn't answer once the timeout is reached. This causes the drive to trip in "EPF2".

The second reason for "EPF2" fault is the range of IP address. In case of IP address 192.0.0.x and Sub net mask of can cause "EPF2". Change the range of the IP address.

Additionally, an incorrect configuration of the drive can cause this fault when using Assemblies other than 100 and 101. Drive must be configured as follows:
  • Ref 1= Communications card
  • Profile= Separate controls
  • CMD switching= C312
  • CMD channel 1= Communication card
  • CMD channel 2= Terminal control
  • Ref 2 Switching= C313
  • Ref 2 Channel= AI1 or AI2