What is the activation of current overload (OIL) on the ATS48?


28 July 2022

Current overload (OIL) function on the ATS48.

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All models


In the PrO menu, the (OIL) function is used to either fault the ATS48 or provide an alarm via internal bit or relay output when the motor current exceeds a specified threshold for a specified time.  Set the corresponding parameters:
Current overload threshold (LOC) is adjustable from 50% to 300% of the Nominal motor current (In).
Current overload time (tOL) is adjustable from 0.1 to 60s.

The softstarter always monitors the current, but the OIL function only applies when running at steady state.  When the overload conditions are met, the softstarter action is based on the setting for (OIL):
OIL = ALA will activate an alarm by internal bit or relay output (set r3 = AIL).
OIL = dEF will fault the softstarter and display code OLC.