What can cause the ATV630 Process Drive not connect to WIFER?


25 November 2022

ATV630 Process Drive not connecting to WIFER.
Product Line:
ATV630, ATV930, Process Drive
All models using the WIFER TCSEGWB13FA0 Wi-Fi Access Point
Cannot connect to WiFi.
1.The demo box has two cables with RJ45 connectors.  The larger of the two is a Modbus cable and cannot be used to connect to the Wi-Fi.  The smaller flat cable which also has RJ45 connectors on each end is the cable needed for the Ethernet connection to the WIFER.  See the attached picture.
2. Disconnect from local LAN, if connected. Discover the Wifer device on available networks. Double-Click to connect. Then open a Browser and goto www.a.com.
3. Depending on release version of the OS of your laptop, tablet, the WIFER WEB site is automatically opened as soon as the Web Browser is launched. But with other OS it could be necessary to enter a simple URL like "www.a.com" in the Browser line to force the Browser to open and show the WIFER Web site.
4. Deactivate Pop up blocker.