What is the password to the embedded Ethernet Modbus TCP Webserver on the Altivar Process Drive?


25 October 2022

Password for the Altivar Process Drive embedded Ethernet Webserver.

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)
Altivar Machine Drive (ATV340 E version)

All models and serial numbers for Altivar Process Drive
Reset the password of the Embedded Ethernet Modbus TCP webserver

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ATV600 series Firmware < V1.5: The default User ID and password is: ADMIN  
ATV600 drives with Firmware V1.5 or higher no longer support ADMIN as a default password. The password is now unique to the drive and has to be looked up in the webserver submenu 8.7.
ATV900 series implemented the password change beginning with V2.1.
ATV340 E implemented this change with V1.6.
NOTE: The password is not shown unless the drive has an IP address assigned (either through DHCP server or fixed IP settings).
The default  User ID remains Admin (not case sensitive).

There has been an additional cyber security update to the drives that requires the default password to be changed on first connection via Ethernet (Webpage or SoMove). 
This was implemented in V3.3 for ATV600/ATV900 and in V3.2 for ATV340 E.
This enhancement means you will be required to enter the default password (available on the keypad) and then will be required to enter a new password to access the drive.
Password policies can be modified using SoMove or from the Webserver.

It is possible to disable this cybersecurity function from the keypad or via SoMove/webserver but caution should be used before doing so, since this can compromise the security of the system.

SoMove connections via the Modbus port are not impacted.