What can cause the ATS48 Soft Starter to start and stop repeatedly?


08 July 2022

The ATS48 soft starter will start and stop and start and stop.

Product Line:
Altistart ATS48  and 48U enclosed


They start the soft starter but it drops in and out, and will not stay started

Check your Run, Stop +24vdc connections. Remove the wires from +24vdc, and check the voltage with your meter. If the voltages check out ok, then reconnect your end customers wires to see if the voltage drops down. If the voltage is dropping down, then they have something in their control circuit that had caused the voltage to drop below the run threshold point. Suggest maybe, adding an interposing relay to mount close to the Soft starter, and switch the +24vdc to run stop this way.  Avoid long cable runs off the +24vdc signal to prevent the voltages from dropping down.