What adjustments can be made to the ATS48 soft starter if max starting torque is needed?


28 April 2022

Adjustments that can be made to the ATS48 soft starter, if the motor is stuck and max starting torque is needed?

Product Line:
Altistart, Altistart 48


Motor is stuck, or conveyor or grain elevator is loaded down. Need to increase starting torque to get the load moving

If the motor is stuck, or if more torque is needed to help move the load on start up, try adjusting the following parameters:

DRC menu make sure your Torque control CLP is set to Yes.
SET menu set the t90 or Initial starting torque from 20% to 100% depending on what amount of torque is needed to start.
ILT= current limit try increasing 400% to 700%
tHP= Motor thermal protection set to class 20.

Once the motor breaks loose you can set all of the above parameters back to the original settings.
These settings can be left this way if desired, depending on customer's preference. However, be aware that maximum torque is being applied to your machines, and equipment damage may incur in situations where maximum torque isn't needed.