How do you program the FL fault relay on the ATV21 or ATV212 drives?


27 February 2022

FL fault relay setup on the ATV21 or ATV212 drives.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV21, ATV212 and S-flex enclosed


Wants to program the FL relay so that it monitors fault status and opens when the drive faults.

Programming: push the mode button until you see AUF arrow down to F, press enter
Scroll down to F132 and press enter and set this to 11.
11= no drive fault

Wiring FL relay example
FLC to FLA is NO contact
FLC to FLB is NC contact

Please note the relay will change states when the drive is powered up and there are no faults and open when it sees a fault.
Example: FLA to FLC is normally open, it closes when the  drive is powered up and there are no faults, but opens again when the drive faults.

ATV212 Programming Manual