Can ATV61 drives use Encoders?


29 June 2022

Using encoders on an ATV61.

Product Line:
Altivar 61 series drives, ATV61

All models, All serial numbers.

Customer needs to use encoder on ATV61 for speed regulation.

All encoder option cards in the ATV61/ATV71 product line, except for the resolver and the universal encoder cards, can be used on ATV61 drives. On the other hand, there is no specific closed loop motor control for ATV61 drives. 
The encoder could be used in "monitoring" mode.  The speed feedback is used to detect a speed error like Over speed fault (SOF) or a Load slipping fault (AnF).
The second encoder use is the "speed feedback regulation" mode.  The speed feedback is used for the motor speed regulation. Indeed, in this mode, we use the encoder feedback instead of the motor estimation function in SVCU motor control mode. On the other hand, contrary to a real closed loop, there is no speed regulation at 0 Hz. All protections linked to the encoder usage are still activated.

When Fr1 is set to encoder, the motor speed feedback from a motor other than the motor commanded by the drive will be used as speed reference like for applications with motors running at the same speed (follower mode).