How can I create and modify a password in a ZELIO LOGIC SR2 and SR3?


30 September 2021

Entering the password

Initially, the key is not displayed and each digit is set to 0. The message ENTER appears in the window.

Select the digit to be entered with the navigation keys (left and right arrows)

  • Choose the value of each digit using the + and - keys in the contextual menu
  • Confirm the password using the Menu/OK key, which opens the confirmation window
  • Confirm again using the Menu/OK key.
Result: The display returns to the MAIN menu.

Deleting the password
To delete the password, go to: CONFIGURATION menu, PASSWORD section

Initially, the key is displayed, meaning the smart relay is protected.

The message CLEAR and the number of attempts (1/5) appear in the window.

The possible scenarios are as follows:

  • Password correct: The password is then inhibited and the smart relay returns to the PASSWORD menu
  • Password incorrect: The CLEAR counter is incremented.
If the password is incorrect 5 consecutive times, the security function is locked for 30 minutes.

If power to the smart relay is switched off during this period, the downcount will start again when it is switched on again.

Changing the password
To change the password, simply cancel the old password and enter a new one

Resetting (deleting) the password
How do you reset a forgotten password on a ZELIO?