Video: How is a faulted Altivar drive reset?


04 February 2023

Reset a  fault on a Altivar drive.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV variable speed drives


Need to reset a fault status.

There are multiple ways to reset a fault, including a logic input assignment and communication network.  But an easy way to reset a fault is to remove line voltage from L1,L2,L3.  Allow enough time for the display to go completely blank and then wait another 30seconds.  Reapply power.  If the fault appears again, it means that the VFD has re-faulted.

Note: Some faults have to be reset by removing and reapplying line voltage (power-cycling) the drive. Refer to your drive's Programming Manual for a list of faults that require a power cycle to clear. 

The following video demonstrates how to configure a logic input fault reset function on the Altivar 212: